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Back in 2002, I had been watching x-games and was floored by how far xtreme sports had come – bear with me. Like alot of kids in the 80’s I rode a bmx bike and did plenty of tricks on it. I started looking on the web to see how alive bmx freestyle still was. Long story short, I came across a site that had alot of information but lacked the professional look it deserved to get it the serious attention it should deserve. So I reached out and offered to design them a logo and a site for free. Just to be able to be a part of it.  Anyway, the guy heading up the whole thing was good friends with Widespread Panic and more importantly friendly with their manager. He asked me if I’d be interested in designing their website. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a fan so the weight of it didn’t affect me. Sadly, it was just another web design gig. Flash forward to 2015 and I find out my very good friend’s girlfriend is a huuuge fan. She has wanted to put together a book of fan stories and pictures (initially) for years but after some stalled attempts and a few years, she felt it would be better to make it online and more of a community. So she needed a logo and came to me. My brother and his wife are huge fans also and even follow them around a bit. I know the demographic of these shows and the age ranges from young to old but the common feeling is love. I wanted to create a colorful logo that was clean but just a little ornate that had a 60’s psychedelic vibe. Also, I knew it would look great on a t-shirt that Widespread Panic fans could rock at the festivals.



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