Vapor Wiz

Vapor Wiz

Back in 2007, a good friend of mine who loved to smoke switched to an e-cigarette (which we now refer to as “vaping”) as an alternative. He’s a tech kinda guy and I remember being amazed that it was a cigarette that you plugged into a usb port to charge. I just thought that was crazy. Like who’da thunk that smoking would get hi-tech? Anyway, I’ve recently started working with a new client that runs a retail storefront that specializes in vaping. I’ll be helping them with their updated branding on all marketing materials – print and digital. The first step? design a new logo. They use orange in their retail space so I thought it might be a great accent color that “pops”. I also wanted to concentrate on a nice icon that they could trademark and apply to any products and promotional materials. It’ll look great embroidered on a hat or printed on a a shirt and even on the side of a vape pen.



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