CLIENT: Christopher Moll

Christopher Moll

Chris is one of my oldest and very best friends in the world. An emergency contact kinda friend. I could go on and on. So all these years of being a musician, producer, sound engineer etc, he’s finally ready to give it a proper go. It’s always been his passion and dream (and he’s definitely good enough – without a doubt) and now a reality. So working on this logo (and it may only be a temporary one for now) I needed to match the font on his Square Space site (not my suggestion – sorry Chris). That wasn’t a hindrance. I Wanted to create a logo thats simple (just black and white), a nod to something retro (classic 60’s technical manual box effect) but still being modern and forward (clean and utilizing a universal “speaker/volume” icon that’s easily recognizable). Good luck, Chris – you deserve it!



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