CLIENT: Moonlight

Moonlight Food Co.

Another first – My good friend is starting a hot sauce/salsa business. What started as a passion of his is now about to become reality. So he came to me to design a label. He spent a lot of time choosing the right bottle and top (after years of mastering his sauce/salsa). The initial bottle shape was more traditional but because of a hot seal bottling issue he was forced to change to the bottle shape you see above. Which as a designer I saw as a blessing. My thought visually was looking at a shelf of bottled hot sauces/salsas. As you know, there are alot. So my immediate thought was “how do I make it stand apart?, How can I make it more visible?”. I wanted to go in a very modern, clean direction as most labels in this field focus on more traditional or vintage/country looking designs. And the bottle shape only helped that. I also knew there would be several colors so I wanted the label to be neutral allowing the sauce to dictate color. I think they turned out great. And btw, the sauce is amazing!



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