Ursula 1000
Music: Digital Audio Release

Ursula 1000: “Faded Denim Wash”

The first release off the “Voyeur” album. This one came to me right away, I immediately thought of putting the title or logo on the back pocket in a stitched effect. I had just found a great photoshop action for creating embroidered effects that delivered pretty realistic results. I held on to it, not knowing how or when I’d get to use it and a month later, this landed in my lap. Initially we talked about just a closeup of a flat pocket, but i wanted to find something that showed the title in use. So I added the comb, the embroidered “faded denim wash” and the wallpaper (colored in the same colors of the “Voyeur” cover). I loved it and thankfully, so did Alex (Ursula 1000).



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