The Never Endings
Packaging: CD

The Never Endings: “Here & Now”

Andy Chase and Dominique Durand of IVY recorded an album together. The album came together during a down period in IVY’s recording. The intention was to make a more personal and organic sounding record than something they might do with IVY. The result is a great album that I personally like better than some IVY albums and I’m a big IVY fan.

For the design, I worked on this while on tour with The Postmarks and Brookville (Andy’s side project). So everything was created on my laptop on the road (waiting in the green rooms, hotels and driving in the van). Creatively Andy let me do pretty much whatever I wanted. He had some great pictures of he and Dominique that we just perfect for the cover. I loved the intimacy and nod to songwriter duo records of the 70s. I chose the orange color as a pop of warm and natural color.

Sadly, the album was never released and still remains shelved. Maybe one day…



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