With nearly three decades of experience, there’s almost nothing I haven’t designed at least once

Along the way, I’ve worked with large corporations as well as individuals, plus everything in between, on a variety of projects from billboards, ads, logos, book covers – you name it!

My background and expertise sets me apart from the larger, impersonal design firms. I will complete your project at a lower cost and in half the time. More important, you will communicate directly with me on new ideas and revisions instead of trying to haggle with a large staff with a high turnover.

I promise dedicated service tailored to the individual client.

brian hill: garphic designer at large
brian hill: graphic designer at large

A little more about me

My first actual design job was working for a small print shop back in the days before computers. We did everything by hand with a drafting table, copy machine, stat camera, xacto knife and a waxer. Here I learned the printing process and how that relates to me as a designer. If I understand the hows, the whys and the whats of printing, it makes me a better designer.


I then transitioned into designing for screen print, which is much different than the capabilities of traditional printing. Again, I took the opportunity to learn the screen print process to improve myself as a designer. Soon, I had the proposal to work as an IT apprentice for a screen print supply distributor. Three years in, with invaluable experience, I really loved the techie side of design work. Through fixing computers, I learned problem solving skills that I will use for the rest of my life.


For the past fifteen years, I’ve found success, creative fulfillment and freedom as an independent graphic designer. My diverse portfolio of projects, lots of fascinating clients in a wide range of fields, plus numerous repeat customers speak for themselves. A lifetime of working in art and technology has given me a strong foundation and a wider range of skills. This background, plus my eye for design combined with my attention to customer service has made me the best choice for your graphic design needs.

29 Years of Professional Experience

29 yrs
17 yrs
8 yrs



What can I help you with?

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